We design and develop strategies as well as projects for every construction planning stage. Good planning does not need to be expensive - in fact, the inclusion of the current society as well as the preservation of the cultural, financial and technological demands play an important role. But we also try to include optimally the topographical conditions. From the very beginning, we integrate consistently the financial requirements using a cost and schedule management system.

The foreground of our work is to define jointly the goals, to find the potential and to develop alternatives. Depending on the scope of tasks, we design individually for every client interdisciplinary and joint concepts. These concepts constitute for us the essential principles for the private and public living spaces.

The aim of every project is to combine the several requirements and constraints with an aesthetic, functional, constructive and logical solution.

The studio for project planning -bauprojekt- has been taking on more personal responsibility over the last 20 years and accepts the technological and environmental challenges of these days.

If you wished, we would take care of every single step of your project: from the inventory to handing over the keys.

project planning

  • all project planning services for buildings, outdoor areas and extension planning (in accordance with work stages 1 - 9 of the Regulation on Architects' and Engineers' Fees - HOAI in German)
  • rehabilitation advice
  • drafting of a room guide
  • tenant planning services
  • furniture design layout
  • conversion and rehabilitation plan
  • inventory
  • purpose and use of the space
  • general planning services
  • thermal insulation certificate and issue of the energy pass

city planning

  • urban development plan
  • development plan

development plan

  • site investigation
  • ground investigation
  • architectural purpose
  • functional and technical specifications
  • quality standards
  • budget and schedule plans

project coordination

  • scheduling
  • schedule management
  • project organization
  • construction project control
  • project documentation
  • planning organization
  • contract management
  • cost management
  • quality management
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