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Projektbau P+ -residential & commercial property developer- is a family owned and run business which combines a solid know-how in the areas of project planning and control with the experience of two decades. We will execute a high quality construction project with the up-to-date solutions of the modern property. Projektbau P+ arose from the wish to offer people residential and commercial properties of particularly high quality at a good value. The high, long-lasting value is a result from that. In Projektbau P+, sophisticated designs as well as solidarity and the added value of our projects are the main elements in the construction and sale of properties. That is how tenants turn into satisfied owners and investors into successful lessors.

The owners of commercial properties are handed over a property with a stable value, and with low running and maintenance costs that can be estimated on a long-term basis. The standards for low-energy houses do not only apply for residential construction in our planning.

Projektbau P+ sets strict requirements on its own services, as well as a very high construction, living and performance quality. Reliability and quality, as well as creativity and passion constitute the key to success.

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